Canal de Nervaux et
Ru Cordé

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Le ru Cordé au début du siècle - Click to enlarge

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The Nervaux canal, still running today, appears at the arches du Joli Saut (Pretty Jump). It runs along the current Rue du Boucher de Perthes, and becomes the Ru Cordé after the rue de la Tour. The Ru (canal) Cordé, covered over on part of the Quays des Comtes de Champagne, between the Protestant Temple and the Gendarmerie, then passes in front of the Hotel Dieu and the gardens of the Préfecture, to finally discharge itself into the canal basin. It reappears a little further, on the level of the Boulevard Jules Guesde, to become the Bas Trévois canal.

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On the level of the current Place de la Tour, was a large mill; its winnowing and some foundation stones can still be seen today. Its existence was mentioned as early as the 12th century and it was probably a Count of Champagne, whose first castle was very close, who established it in order to grind corn from the neighbouring farms.