Church Saint Frobert


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From rue de la Cité, taking the narrow passage of rue Saint Frobert, one arrives in front of the old church of Saint Frobert, whose vault was destroyed by a fire in 1830, and which was then transformed without any consideration for its first vocation, into private flats. For some historians, the current building (probably from the 16th century) replaced a synagogue; indeed, in the 11th and 12th centuries, this district was called "Juiverie". It is in this district that Rachi, a famous Jewish religious and philosophical figure, lived from 1030 to 1105.
The Jews during medieval times were numerous in Troyes, in spite of the persecutions they were regularly suffering. At the time of the Counts de Champagne, they had to wear a "rouelle", a round piece of coloured fabric stuck to their clothing, which reminds us of the yellow star introduced by the Nazis. The belongings of the Jews were regularly confiscated, often when a Count or a Prince needed to raise an army or when the attics of a city were not full enough after a bad harvest...