Ru de la Vienne

The Canal de la Vienne started Ru Cordé, at the level of the Préfecture. It crossed the current rues Saint Paul, Charles Gros, Raymond Poincaré and Louis Ulbach. It then ran along the rues Général Saussier and Turenne, to cross the Ramparts by the Maury Arch, close to Croncels Gate. Before the 15th century, this district was known under the name of Massacrerie; here, slaughter-houses and butchers were using the canal de la Vienne to dispose of their waste, despite protestations from the close residents. They were then moved close to the mill of Jaillard.

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The canal was also used for the tanners, very established in this district, as some of the former streets name testify; the Large Tannery (rue Raymond Poincaré), the Small Tannery (street Charles Gros) and the old Gate bearing the same name.

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The Ramonats House,   rue du Gros Raisin, along which on can see one of the numerous canals running from the Grand Rû all over this part of town.