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The translation of these pages was first done in a very approximate English, by myself. I am most grateful to John Waples, who had the kindness and patience to re-write it all into the beautiful English you are now reading...

The idea to create this site came to me at the end of 1999 after having had a guided tour of the historic district,. After this visit, I wanted to know more about the city that I had lived in for 25 years without really knowing it. I started by reading the "Histoire of Troyes" an excellent work by Françoise Bibolet, and the publishings of the "Maison du Boulanger", which provided me with a mine of information on the rich past of Troyes. Then, I searched on the Internet for sites likely to satisfy my desire for knowing more; and there, I was really disappointed! It almost seemed that the only attractions of our city centred around the factory outlet stores, and the only mentions of the historical heritage were too brief for my taste. OK I thought, I'll do the job myself, by starting to take some photographs to my liking during my walks, and by summarising my new knowledge of the history of Troyes... Since May 2000, the site has gradually progressed and the web-counter reassures me of its usefulness! Today, my objective is to succeed in reviving former Troyes, by publishing, for example, views of the long-since-gone monuments, ramparts... Here is my appeal to my readers (which you are): if you have an old post-card, an engraving, an old map of Troyes which seems to you to be of interest, send me a message so that it can be added to these pages (I will quote my sources!).

In this way, you can also continue to take part in the existence of this site whilst visiting it and by making it known to others about you!

Thank you in advance!